A complete resource for everything you’ll need to know about flying in Hawaii. From flight schools, tips from local aviators, weather, events, news, legislation and more.  We welcome you to become apart of our Hawaii General Aviation Community.


The majority of the world’s air traffic falls into General Aviation (GA), and most of the world’s airports serve general aviation exclusively.

… and why should it matter to you?

General Aviation is the driving force behind which both commercial and private aviation is sustained.  Often times it is undervalued and reduced down to the perspective of only recreational pilots. This is simply not true. Without General Aviation, training civilian pilots would not exist.  And in light of our current pilot shortage which is only getting worse and which has already attributed to companies closing their doors, we can’t afford to not be training pilots.  Without General Aviation, there also wouldn’t be private charters, emergency flights, or air transport of organs for transplant to name just a few.  As you can see General Aviation not only brings an important value to Hawaii economically but also makes possible necessary charitable resources to others. The voice of General Aviation in Hawaii holds an intrinsic importance guiding the direction aviation has on the island.  Come and be apart of those shaping the future so today and tomorrow, we will continue to foster positive growth, education, and safety in aviation.

General Aviation Includes…

  • Flight Training & Flight Clubs

  • Corporate Business Jet Flights
  • Organ Transport for Transplant
  • Charitable Flights
  • Volunteer Search & Rescue Flights
  • Commercial & Non-Commercial Flights
  • Non-Scheduled Air Transport
  • Agricultural Aviation

  • Light Aircraft Manufacturing & Maintenance
  • Gliders & Powered Parachute Flights
  • All Civil Aviation Operations






GACH is open to all aviators from Hawaii who are Federal Aviation Regulated Part 91, 135, 141 operators or who are Student Pilots, Sport Pilots, Recreational Pilots, Private Pilots, Commercial Pilots, Air Transport Pilots, or Certified Flight Instructors, and fly airplanes, rotorcraft, gliders, lighter-than-air, power parachute, weight-shift-control aircraft, and power-lift aircraft or who support aviation in Hawaii.

  • Private Pilots

  • Commercial Pilots

  • Flight Instructors
  • Aviation Enthusiasts

If you want your voice heard, want aviation safety improved in Hawaii, educate people about Hawaii aviation, and to ensure Hawaii aviation grows, Join GACH Today.


  • Further aviation safety within the State of Hawaii
  • Represent and express the interest of the general aviation (GA) community in Hawaii in dealings with Federal, State and Local officials
  • Sponsor or assist in fly-ins, air shows, educational and safety seminars, classes and other general aviation activities designed to improve pilot proficiency and enjoyment and to facilitate aviation education.
  • Communicate with GACH members and others on interests to the GA community
  • Foster the growth, education, safety and understanding of GA activities
  • Carry out any other function or activity permitted by law so long as it does not adversely impact the non-profit or tax exempt status to GACH