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      It has been a year since the FAA ADS-B regulation became reality.  In the wake of ADS-B implementation, anyone with internet access can view almost any aircraft position and performance data from a number of digital platforms.  Discussions within the Hawaii Air Noise and Safety Task Force (HANSTF) have revealed that the public and others use internet-based ADS-B information for proof of aircraft activity.  Testimony from many nonaviation quarters shows a firm reliance on the third-party information in spite of a lack of knowledge of the scope and purpose of the FAA ADS-B program.  Many indicated that they believe the privacy and anonymity features (allowed in the ADS-B regulation) is proof of suspect or illegal aircraft operations.  The attached slide presentation was provided to the Task Force at a recent meeting to inform and educate the attendees about ADS-B and pitfalls of using the internet-based platforms for proof of aircraft action.  The bottom line is that ADS-B is a FAA air traffic control and safety tool.  The third party applications are not used by the FAA as a primary source of air traffic control or enforcement tool.

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