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      $38,000 for one/ $55,000 for both; they really should stay together


      N991AB (W-79) left side

      Current Tach time 3488 (total time)

      Engine Overhaul 3093 in JUN2008

      Cylinder #1 and #3 replaced in OCT2021; Right Mag replaced in OCT2021


      N992MB (W-90) right side

      Currnet Tach time 2047 (total time)

      Engine Overhaul 1281 in MAR2008

      Prop Overhaul 1281 in MAR2008

      #3 cylinder replaced in SEP2021; Vacuum pump replaced AUG2020




      Two nearly identical 1980 Beech Skippers

      Very nice primary training aircraft with very docile flight characteristics

      Several kids on Kauai got their airline careers started in these Skippers.


      Lynx 9000 ADSB – WiFi connects to Forefight map on iPad for traffic and navigation

      Apollo/Garmin SL-30 NAV/COM (can monitor standby so it is like two comm radios in one) with two place intercom

      Whelen wing tip strobes added in 2017

      GARMIN Angle of Attach system installed in 2014

      Painted in Arizona in 2013

      JPI engine monitoring on each cylinder

      30 gallon fuel capacity

      7 gallon per hour

      Regularly flown Kauai to Oahu (once or twice to Molokai and Maui)


      These are slow aircraft that climb slowly but the FAA measures hours, not miles; so who cares.


      Very roomy cabin compared to a C-150, comfortable for instructors.




      Email Mike Bailey at baileykauai@gmail.com for additional photos

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    • Michael
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