The taxiway markings between runways 4L-22R and 4R-22L at HNL have been re-aligned.

As many local pilots know, the Runway Holding Position Markings (hold short lines) for these two runways seemed to have been reversed on the taxiways between the two runways. That created an unusual hold short configuration on Foxtrot, Echo, and Delta taxiways that had required a pilot to hold short of the FIRST hold short line they encountered. This configuration had been in effect for several years, and has been a major source of confusion and Runway Incursions at HNL.

The realignment will create a more normal configuration where the holding position will be at the second set of Runway Holding Position Markings (those nearest the protected runway). Please click on this link to view the new video, including pictorial images of the new configuration:

The first part of this change required reclassifying Runway 4 Left to accommodate smaller aircraft than those for which it was previously rated. This reduction in runway capability allowed the Runway 4L lateral protection zone (called the “Runway Safety Area”) to be reduced so that the Runway 4L Runway Safety Area no longer overlaps with the Runway 4 Right Safety Area. That permitted repositioning the Runway Holding Position Markings to the more normal format, where a pilot is required to hold at the second set of hold short lines.

Although the hold lines are being repositioned, there is still not sufficient room to hold an aircraft on taxiways in the 4-22 Complex so as to clear the arrival runway. For example, HNL controllers fully appreciate that an aircraft landing on 4L must be cleared to cross 4R before 4L will become available for landing or takeoff by other aircraft. In rare instances, if operational requirements dictate, General Aviation aircraft landing on 4L may even be turned left off of Runway 4L and held on a taxiway to the north of 4L so that both Runways 4L and 4R would be available.

In any case, always remember the basic rule: clearance is required to cross any double solid lines preceding double dashed lines and, if you’re unsure of a clearance, immediately ask for clarification (or request progressive taxi instructions, if needed).

HNL Runway Incursion numbers ARE dropping; please keep up the good work!

If you have any questions about this notice, please contact Mr. David Higa at HCF. His contact info: and his phone is : 808-840-6125.

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