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      I attended the JRF AOB Meeting that is held the first third Wednesday of the new quarter at the control tower conference room.  The NEW (again) airport manager is Jeff Sawyer who came from DHS and is not a pilot.

      DOTA is still working on completing an airfield survey so the JRF GPS approaches can be certified for night use.  This has been an issue since the approach was first developed (as well as other airports where GA is the prime users).  There is a cycle where DOTA hires a new airport manager who needs to be explained the background, promises to fix it then is replaced and the cycle starts again.

      There are several runway closures schedule for JRF, mostly for repairs.  All work is to be completed by February 2020.  Check NOTAMS and ATIS.

      The phone number for JRF ASOS is inop.  You are still use the web and radio for weather info.  ECD for the fix is unknown.

      The PCL now works.

      Access to the HI Guard via TW B works–so you will start seeing more CH47s and C12s taxiing that way.

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