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      I have attached several item and a great summary of the AOB meeting.  I want to ensure that everyone is aware of  the 15 Wing’s ALZ repainting project will be done as a work in progress (WIP) project.  As long as HIDOT-A approves our CSPP, the AF will NOT close the runway/s but instead work around the existing traffic. The AF purposely selected to paint in the morning to try and limit the amount of interruptions but with 10 min notification or so, the painters will be able to depart the runway to allow an arrival/departure. Plus, the AF mentioned that they can’t start the repainting project until 30 days after the FOG Sealant has been applied to runway 4R which has been delayed a bit so looks like the AF won’t be able to start now til mid June-ish.  Regardless, the AF will work with Jeff, airport manager, to make sure NOTAMs are sent 2-3 days before we plan to start.  I have attached power points on the US Army use of JRF and the AOB meeting.

      By the way, I will put in a Ch 13 complaint regarding hangar 110 with the FAA ADO–tough sell but we must do it.

      Rob Moore


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