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  • Rob Moore
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    I have been asked how do you buy an aircraft.  The FAA put out several years ago a manual outlining what to consider and how you buy an aircraft.  It was called Plane Sense.  You can find the Plane Sense manual here:  https://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/handbooks_manuals/aviation/media/faa-h-8083-19a.pdf

    A good read and it will help to fulfill your dream

  • Claudio Friederich
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    I would recommend the book “How to Buy a Single-Engine Airplane” by Scott “Sky” Smith (available on Amazon for $10 on Kindle).  It is a quick read, but it gives very good plain-English information on everything about how to own an aircraft from how to find an aircraft that fits your personality and abilities, a walkthrough of the entire process of buying an aircraft, and how to consider all associated costs (maintenance, insurance, everything).  It also includes a broad-blush survey of common makes and models of aircraft you might consider.  I have a copy if someone wants to borrow it.

  • Andy Cole
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    I have a related question:

    How much does it cost to ferry a used plane from the mainland?

    Anyone have a good contact for this???

  • Patrick E. McNamee
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    Contact Fred Sorenson at Flight Contract Services, Inc. (702) 292-7102.
    He has the most experience moving airplanes around the world.
    Good Luck
    Pat McNamee

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