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    • Rob Moore
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      Did you know when considering buying a fire extinguisher for your aircraft, you should consider how you will use it and where.  There are several methods of extingushing a fire—either take away the temperature or the oxygen.  There are different types: class A, B, C, D or E.  Most GA aircraft use a multipurpose A, B, C Halogen extinguisher, which take oxygen from most fire types.  Most GA fires may occur when flying and may be under the instrument panel, which is hard to reach except for beneath the panel.  You need to have a fire extinguisher that has a hose attachment on the nozzle to direct the extinguisher up into the panel area.  Turning the extinguisher upside down will not normally work because of the fire extinguisher construction.  Know how to use it—get trained.  Use only fire extinguishers that were within inspection.  When your aircraft is on fire is not the time to start learning how to use your extinguisher.

    • Meira Leonard
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      Seriously helpful information Rob. Thank you from all us newbies.

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