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  • Garry
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    Am interested in assembling here documentation on nuisance and dangers associated with tour helicopter operations at the Honolulu Airport, at Keehi Lagoon and over general populated areas around the state.  As a local, South Ramp, airline pilot and a tenant boater in Keehi Lagoon, I have submitted to the FAA, to NASA, and to the Hawaii Helicopter Association a number of complaint reports without results.  These reports have documented low level flights near and over taxiing aircraft and harbor boats (some with 60-70 foot masts) over the past couple years.  I’m not the only pilot nor boater who has objected to the type of startling and inconsiderate performance of many of the Oahu tour helicopters.  One of he most obvious problems at the HNL airport is that taxiing aircraft and maneuvering helicopters are not communicating with ATC on the same frequency.  Taxiing fixed-wing aircraft are using GRND CONTROL while the helicopters are using TOWER.  The result is that taxiing aircraft are often surprised at sudden appearances of low level helicopters from behind, overhead, or from the sides.

    I’m of the opinion that the State Legislature and the FAA must take on an obligation to reign in the helicopter operators to reduce the nuisance factor and to enhance safety to the Hawaii aviation community and to the general public.

    I can provide specific quotes from reports other pilots and I have submitted.  Please add comments as apply.  Thanks.

  • Rob Moore
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    It appears the local helicopter group has not stepped up to talk to the local community to solve the concerns.  If they do not, I fear the legislatures will resolve the problem and not necessarily in aviation’s favor.  I asked our AOPA representative and our Hawaii Aviation Causus chair to host a meeting to discuss this.  I am hoping it happens but not holding out too much hope.

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