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    • Patrick E. McNamee
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      GACH is hoping to draft a bill to remove the Hawaii GET (4.712%) on Flight training under accredited training.

      What are your ideas on this?

      Pat McNamee

      President – GACH

    • Claudio Friederich
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      Anything helps, and I am in favor of anything that supports GA (for that matter, aviation, period, in the state), but personally I think this will have a negligible effect.  Consider the raw economics: 4.712% = effectively one hour of training per more than 20.  So, in effect, by eliminating GET, you are getting a bit less than one extra hour training per the cost of 20 hrs.  In terms of a budget for training, that is such a small factor.  If you were making a flight training vs. some other training for some other occupation kind of decision, I doubt a 4.712% reduction in the price would make or break your decision, or your budget for that matter.  But that said, many states do exclude aviation and aircraft parts from GET, so accomplishing this would be something that would help towards at least putting us on parity with other states in the country

    • Mathieu
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      Let’s hope it happens!

    • Rob Moore
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      UH and all the community colleges do not pay GET, why should flight instruction

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