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      The last week of May Employees of Eastwest Avionics, Inc. had their AOA Badges deactivated by the Airport Security Office Manager. One Repairman was approached by Securitas and had to give up his Badge while working on a Commercially Operated Airplane, instantly grounding the airplane because the airplane could not be returned to service.

      This Airport Administration is out of control and is violating Hawaii Statutes, and Federal Laws. Their reason for this action was that they are under the opinion that unless the Badgeholder is paying money to the Airport under a Property Lease (Permit) it is not entitled to access to the airport. Roy Sakata and Craig Fujihara stated this is a TSA requirement. I have spoke to the TSA and they debunked that requirement. These badge holders pay taxes and Hawaii GET for worked done on the AOA. Regardless, anyone who needs access to the AOA that meets the TSA requirements and passes the background checks should not be denied an AOA Badge.

      We are currently working with Rep. Angus McKelvey, the Deputy Director of DOTA, and the Attorney General’s office to make the HNL Airport Administration comply with the Law. As of June 2nd the employees of EWAI still do not have active AOA Badges.

      Anybody in the same situation, or have any ideas?







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