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  • Andy Cole
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    Only 2 states in the whole USA still allow the old green 100 Octane AvGas, and one of them is Hawaii.  Almost the entire rest of the developed world has already banned this fuel also!

    In fact, that is the only AvGas available in Hilo, and the only self serve in Kahului, along with others.  The US EPA is pressuring the FAA to replace 100LL, because that has too much lead in it, yet we are forced to use high lead AvGas?  I thought Hawaii cared about the environment and human health.

    Not to mention, reduced spark plug fouling and increased maintenance intervals, which equals reduced costs and increased safety.

    I have been talking to people at Air Services, who sells it and air port management, but no one seems to care.  I am starting to think the only solution is legislative.  No one wants 100 Octane, but we are forced to buy it at airports where 100LL is not available.  Apparently 100 Octane has a higher profit margin, so Air Services seems to not care what we want on the outer islands, because we have no options.

    I have spoken to my fellow pilots operating out of Hilo, and they all agree 100LL would be much better.  Before stirring the proverbial pot; though, I thought I would approach the GACH community.

  • Patrick E. McNamee
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    In Hawaii up until recently we had DC3’s, and other airplanes with radial engines that needed the higher octane and lead in the fuel to properly operate the engine. 100LL developed in the late 70’s is a poor substitute to the Green Avgas. On most airplanes changes in the ignition timing and leaning techniques were changed 3 decades ago to be able to use the Blue Avgas efficiently.

    Ultmately a new Avgas will be approved that will become the standard. Until then Hawaii will be stuck with what they are doing now.

    Pat McNamee

    • Andy Cole
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      Yes, but all of our engines now are set-up for 100LL, which is the standard in the entire USA, and most of the world.

      Eventually, they are going to figure out a zero lead 100 octane fuel, and force everyone to use that; however, that has nothing to do with forcing us to use it in our engines here and now.

      100LL is much better for all our engines and it pollutes a lot less lead; therefore, it is a safer fuel all around, for everyone.  Air services knows they have no competition and can force us to use what ever they want.

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