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This event is to inspire and educate the youth! It does not matter where you are at in your aviation path, you have something to offer! If you would like to observe and show support without taking a lead, that’s great! Please join in! 
-We have an agenda laid out, and have had a blast joining the girl scouts at Maui Aviators for 5 years now. 
-The girls have a packet our Maui Girl Scout Coordinator, Taunna Neerings has designed for them. We will discuss Bernoulli’s Principle, build gliders and have spot landing contests, career talks, pre-flight an airplane, and more. 
-If you would like to add anything else to the day, let us know and we will fit it in. 
-If you would like to take on a role of any kind..(example: talk about weather), let us know, that would be wonderful! 
-We can get together before the event if anyone would like to…
-The girls get an aviation badge for this event!
-This is a wonderfully fun day, bring a lunch!